About SheWorkerWear

It all began with the words: -“Fia, what are you wearing?". I stood and fired down taken tree branches that were too small to be taken care of and turned into firewood.
One of the guys who ran the chain saw said, quite rightly, that I was badly dressed for the chore.
A fleece sweater and a pair of rain pants, in other words, highly flamable…

With that statement, I realized that it was high time to purchase clothing designed for the purpose.There were numerous visits to various shops which provided work clothes in great design and good content, but for men and with a very limited range for women. That’s when the idea for what has become SheWorkerWear started to develop

SheWorkerWear supplements the market of work wear clothing designed specifically for women.

The clothingis made for the modern woman seeking functional work, high quality, attractive design and excellent fit.

SheWorkerWear is the obvious choice for those looking for quality, durable and well designed work clothes,both for professional purposes and for leisure.

SheWorkerWear – made for her!